Ceci Moss reflects on Critical Transformations: A Forum for New Futures in MARCH


“How do we imagine institutions operating differently? How do we imagine what we do engaging with more philosophical aspects of time and place and location and responsibility, which have very real ramifications when taken into our practices in the real world?”


In MARCH’s latest issue, Ceci Moss, curator of  Critical Transformations: A Forum on New Futures, reflects on panelist Vanessa Kwan’s words above, where Kwan ideates a new future for art spaces as portals for imagination convening diversity. For Moss, this radical reframing lies at the heart of all of the Critical Transformations conversations – the hope is that these convenings will plant seeds for a different orientation towards arts organizing.

Head over to MARCH to read this prologue and browse all episodes of this speaker series using the new topic guide.

Critical Transformations: A Forum on New Futures is a monthly series of online roundtable conversations that invites visionary artists, curators, activists, designers, architects, and arts organizers around the globe to discuss their work in creating groundbreaking new models for the arts sector from September to December 2020.

Critical Transformations is generously supported by the Vancouver Foundation.