Cyville Castro and Funan Fina’s ‘Flourish Our Youths’ at the Global Grad Show

Cyville Castro and Funan Fina‘s Flourish Our Youths was one of 100 design projects this year selected to be featured at the Global Grad Show. The project was selected from the 1,600 submissions from 270 universities in 60 countries received by Global Grad Show.

Since 2015 and through its 900+ projects featured to date, Global Grad Show champions impact innovation, by supporting graduates from around the world who are creating solutions for a more equitable, sustainable and prosperous future.

Flourish Our Youths was supported by our Satellite x Activism program throughout the Spring – Summer 2021. You can read more about Cyville and Funan’s work alongside the other Satellite residents in the Satellite x Activism program archive, designed and assembled by Laura Kozak and Jean Chisholm.

Congratulations, Cyville and Funan!

About Flourish our Youths

Flourish our Youths is a workshop aimed at helping young immigrants who face disconnect and isolation find cultural and community empowerment. Its aim, first and foremost, is to create a space where they can openly discuss and validate their difficult experiences as well as be educated on the nature of different forms of racism. Secondly, it helps immigrant youths reflect back to their past experiences and build on their future goals. By integrating Flourish Our Youths into national immigration systems and schools, newcomer youths have access to a framework that affirms their place in society and empowers them to flourish.