Fibreshed Field School Workshops Just One of the Many Successful Programs Held at the Aboriginal Gathering Place in 2020

Emily Carr University’s Aboriginal Gathering Place built the community during a complex year through exceptional programs and learning opportunities—including Fibreshed Field School

Led by Emily Smith, Fibreshed Field School is an experiential mentorship program that investigates ecologically sensitive and economically viable methods of local textile production. Throughout Fall 2020, AGP hosted three Reciprocity and Stewardship Cohort workshops that focused on responsible land stewardship and practices informed by Indigenous ways of knowing. 

The first workshop taught participants cedar basket weaving techniques. It was instructed by the director of the AGP, Brenda Crabtree, who utilizes this method in her own material practice. 

Brenda Workshop

The second workshop, taught by Janey Chang, demonstrated how to tan fish skins into supple leather—corresponding with the skins contained in the lockdown-prepared Material Practice Wellness Kits distributed to Emily Carr students by the AGP. 

Janey Workshop

Lastly, Sharon Kallis, Senaqwila Wyss and Meagan Innes lead the final workshop about ethnobotany and fiber. They illustrated the process of spinning raw fibres into yarns, which can then be woven into textiles. 

Sharon Workshop

Photos provided by Connie Watts

Reflecting back on the year, Connie Watts, Associate Director of Aboriginal Programs, says “we will take advantage of anything we can to make sure our community is being engaged.”

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