Elijah Biscoe
Apprentice, Art Apprenticeship Network 2023

Elijah Biscoe is a writer and artist currently living in so-called Vancouver. He has recently completed his BFA from Emily Carr University of Art + Design, with a focus in Illustration. His practice ranges in discipline and form, but he finds his primary mode of expression within relief printmaking, conscientious world-building, and the construction of interactive narratives. He is the lead writer at Dust Bowl Interactive, a small collective of artists and writers working to tell the unsung stories of the world. Elijah is afflicted with an obsessive compulsion to learn everything he can about time and history. This has resulted in a chronic research addiction which has had lasting effects on his overall health. His interests vary wildly—from literature and poetry, to role-playing-games, to cultural anthropology, to Marxist geography, to prehistoric marine biology. You will likely find him sleepless, drifting through the city.