Izzie Egan Headshot
Izzie Egan
Art, Design, Business Speaker Series

Speaker, 2016

Co-Founder and CEO, Blankslate

With over a decade of experience in human resources and the tech and retail industry, Izzie Egan has had the opportunity to not only scale high-growth organizations, but also expand her skill set outside traditional recruiting into corporate employment, talent development, and human resources. For the past three years, Izzie has been building fast-paced/high-yield management teams, paying particular attention to the strategic needs of the firm – not just getting boxes on the org chart filled. Izzie has taken this knowledge and applied it to creating a cutting edge consulting companies that specializes in getting startups and companies in hyper growth off the ground. That’s her commitment: quality and alignment; to bring purpose-fuelled strategy into businesses that are aligned from a values, vision and, bottom line perspective. Izzie’s main purpose in the startup world is to make a difference in other’s lives by connecting businesses with the right people at the right time, and helping them build a company that fulfills their professional and personal goals.