Siddhant Singh
Designer, Design for Startups, Spring 2023

Designer, Design for Startups, 2022

Siddhant (he/him) is an interdisciplinary designer in the MDes Interaction Design program with core expertise in UX and usability practices. With prior experience on enterprise products and services at Deloitte Digital, he finds himself exploring deeper narratives at play as humans interact with various evolving systems in the world. His passion to take us on a journey also delves into CGI motion work and digital cinematography through various mediums. Some of his creations have been exhibited as NFTs at Neal Art Gallery (2021) and SAUCE India (2022) while other opportunities include being a guest speaker at Lemonade Social (2021) and Design Development Days by Dexignare (2022) on the topic of NFTs, metaverse & other creative endeavours.