Wake Cook Headshot
Wake Cook
Art Apprenticeship Network, 2020


Wake is a Queer-Canadian comic cartoonist, character artist, and creature design aficionado. Their style is best described as down-to-earth narratives with dark undertones complimented by bright colours and light humour. They work to push and break the borders of both the comic page and who is represented on it through their practice, channelling their frustration, sympathy, and compassion for those who have been historically underrepresented in the visual arts. This commitment does not come lightly and writing and drawing outside of their lived experience has solidified their practice into one of constant self-growth, reflection, research, and compassionate conversations with people cooler and wiser than themself. Through their traditional and digital illustrations, they balance the nostalgia of their upbringing with the importance of constructing diverse representation. As a result, the themes of their work revolve around love, found family, forgiveness, and discovering personal identity. When Wake isn’t hunched over their work desk, they enjoy hiking, gardening, and reading. They hope to not let their father’s collection of seventies sci-fi novels continue to collect dust on their shelves, but will more likely keep rereading the same CJ Cherryh series over and over again.