Art Apprenticeship Network

The Art Apprenticeship Network connects emerging Emily Carr artists with established artists, curators and cultural workers to create a win-win situation for the art community locally and regionally.

Emerging artists lack the hands-on experience of running a studio,  an exhibition, or a festival and often don’t get to learn best practices in their field as a result. On the other side, even successful established artists and curators often lack the resources to hire people to assist with day-to-day demands of their practices. Through a part-time apprenticeship model matching emerging Emily Carr talent with established mentors, Art Apprenticeship Network establishes a new way of sharing knowledge and skills to build meaningful, long-lasting connections within the art community.

The program will run between 2020 – 2024.

Mentor applications are closed. 

Apprentice applications are closed. 

How it Works

  • Established artists or curators working in the Vancouver area, or cultural workers associated with a not-for-profit apply with a well-defined project or scope of work
  • The Shumka Centre shares the opportunities with senior-level students at Emily Carr, who indicate which opportunities they’re interested in
  • The Shumka Centre liaises with selected artists, curators and cultural workers and connects them with Emily Carr students who have applied to work with them
  • Established artists, curators and cultural workers choose the best match
  • Emily Carr students apprentice for approximately 150 hours (depending on the scope and timeline of the project)
  • Apprentices are paid by Emily Carr University
  • There are no participation costs

Art Apprenticeship Network is funded by the RBC Foundation in support of RBC Emerging Artists.

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