Design for Startups Spring 2018

Over the course of 12 weeks, ten student designers will work directly with the technical and business leads of ten local companies to explore and develop a new methodology for connecting design to Internet startups.


Student designers will consider existing design gaps, perform user interface/usability studies, and develop design strategies for the companies in residence.  This project is generously supported by innovate BC.

Spring 2018 company-student partnerships:



Arbox is a clean-tech software startup that offers an asset management platform in the Renewable Energy industry.

Stephanie Yen will work with Arbox.





Dayboard is an early-stage SaaS product that helps you work with less distractions. Our core product is a web app and Chrome extension that serves over 20,000 users worldwide. We also have a team version that helps managers stay on top of their team’s priorities.

Katrina Goodchild will work with Dayboard.


DomoMi connects the feeling of home with software & hardware.

Susan Sun will work with DomoMi.




Dr. Bill is a medical billing service used and beloved by over a thousand physicians in BC (and soon Canada). It makes it really easy for doctors to capture information of patients they’ve seen and log claims that will then be paid by MSP.

Kelin Kaardal will work with Dr.Bill.




 is an experiential recruiting platform that connects the market’s most qualified technical talents with top employers through stimulating hackathon events.

Amy Zhou will work with HackHub. 





Hitblocks is a crowdsourcing control center helping data scientists and AI organizations acquire high quality data through crowdsourcing suppliers like Amazon Mechanical Turk for large volume image segmentation projects.

Sandra Han will work with Hitblocks.





Keela Simple tools that power your nonprofit. Keela’s comprehensive platform provides nonprofits with the ability to manage projects, contacts, email marketing, and donations. Keela is quick to learn, easy to use and offers an end-to-end solution to all of your nonprofit’s management needs.

Jaehee Lee will work with Keela.





Responsive is an enterprise SaaS platform that helps private wealth managers better serve clients through UX and AI.

Sheleen King will work with Responsive.






Two Wheel Gear is a lifestyle brand for business professionals that bike to work. We specialize in designing and manufacturing specialty bike bags to remove the barriers of biking to work.

Alejendro Alarcon will work with Two Wheel Gear.





 is a SaaS company providing online scheduling software with additional features like POS, marketing and reporting capabilities.

Sahil Mroke will work with Yocale.

This project is supported by Innovate BC.