SOCS 411: Professional Practice for Self-Directed Projects

Note: SOCS 411: Professional Practice for Self-Directed Projects is not offered in the 2020 – 2021 school year. 

This specific section of SOCS 411 is specifically geared towards students with an interest in initiating or growing the real-world operation of a project, including potentially a grad project. Students will learn how to initiate or operate ambitious, medium-to large-scale projects or initiatives, including forming a collective, studio, agency, company, partnership, or organization; launching an art, design, or media project that requires building or managing a team; or assembling funds and resources to support an idea. Students gain practical and critical, conceptual and theoretical skills.

Through faculty and guest presentations, students learn to identify the ways in which artists and designers not only respond to their cultural, social and economic contexts but can build and operationalize complex project visions beyond the context of school.

This section brings in guest speakers at regular intervals to deliver public talks, followed by closed-session workshops with SOCS411 students where students can receive direct input about how principles or tools can be used in the specific context of their own projects.  The influx of guests keeps course content relevant and current with best-practices as well as creating opportunities for students to develop real world networks.

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