Toolkit: Design for Startups

This toolkit maps out the framework for Design for Startups, a flexible model adaptable to suit different contexts, disciplines, and industries.  Some possible use cases:


  • Art and design institutions who are looking for models and precedents for how to integrate emerging talent with accelerators or incubators
  • Comprehensive universities who aim to establish relationships between their students and external organizations, and who wish to build beyond the internship model
  • Accelerators or incubators who are looking to build artists and designers, or other skill sets such as developers, into their programmatic structure in order to support a systematic context of growth for the companies in their portfolios
  • Co-working spaces who would like to integrate talent from universities, schools or training organizations with their tenant companies and organizations
  • Any organization such as an association or fund who has a group of companies in their portfolio that could benefit from a specific kind of expertise that can be provided by another organization