Explore the Legacy of Garry Neill Kennedy Through Griffin Art Project’s NOW BULLETIN Exhibition

By Nicole Yamamoto

Launched on September 19 and available to view until December 12,NOW BULLETIN: Artworks, Letters and Printed Matter from the Garry Neill Kennedy Collection 1968-2019″ presents the history and relationships of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD) community and beyond through Kennedy’s personal collection of objects, artwork, and archives. His collection reflects on his 23 years with the school’s faculty, students, and visitors, representing many momentous Canadian and international artists. NOW BULLETIN also presents his ideologies encompassing the future of experimentation and openness within public institutions and art spaces, both locally and globally. The exhibition was curated by David MacWilliam with the help of apprentice Andrea Finlay, who was employed through the Art Apprenticeship Network program. 

Through a part-time apprenticeship model matching emerging Emily Carr talent with established mentors, Art Apprenticeship Network establishes a new way of sharing knowledge and skills to build meaningful, long-lasting connections within the art community.

The Emily Carr community involvement in the making of NOW BULLETIN goes beyond the Art Apprenticeship Network program.  

Emily Carr faculty Ingrid Koenig spoke on Sunday, October 18 about how her experience as an NSCAD graduate has influenced her own personal teaching rhetoric—and the importance this has on future art students. 

On Sunday, November 29, Kelly Lycan, a non-regular faculty member at Emily Carr, will delve further into Kennedy’s practice of reinventing art education as a foundation for creativity through her extraordinary artist residency.

You can take the virtual curator’s tour with MacWilliam on YouTube. Find more upcoming events below:

Art Apprenticeship Network is generously supported by RBC Emerging Artists Project. The program is accepting apprentice project proposals for 2021 from eligible mentors until Friday, November 20.

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