Satellite x Activism Project Archive

This archive documents the approach and project outcomes from projects in the 2021 Satellite Residency Program, Satellite x Activism.

  • Flourishing Our Youths (Cyville Castro and Funan Fina)
  • Ahon Dudu (Olúwásolá Kehìndé Olówó-Ake)
  • Emerging Soundscapes (Esteban Pérez)
  • Project Paint Up (Sebastien Kaschel)
  • Look! Listen! Create! (Vannysha Chang)
  • Mapping East Van (Mickey L.D. Morgan)
  • Place-Based Grad Collective (Chiara Schmitt, Christa Clay, Garima Sood, Julie Van Oyen, Pat Vera, Angela Dione, Marcia Higuchi, Melanie Camman)

Designed and assembled by Jean Chisholm and Laura Kozak