Design for Startups Spring 2021

Over the course of 12 weeks, ten student designers will work directly with the technical and business leads of ten BC companies to explore and develop a new methodology for connecting design to Internet startups as part of Design for Startups.


Student designers will consider existing design gaps, perform user interface/usability studies, and develop design strategies for the companies in residence.

D4S Spring 2021 Company Logos

Spring 2021 company-student partnerships are:

Appara is an integrated legal services platform that saves legal teams time and delivers enhanced productivity. Unlike other products, we focus on the core of what you do, transactions and administration. Appara is built on the back of our proprietary automation engine and intelligent analyzer and leverages strategic integrations with industry leaders (Office 365, Quickbooks, DocuSign, AdobeSign). Further, our platform delivers a significantly improved corporate records management experience to our customers. This means that our management team’s know-how is paired with market leading AI, allowing you to complete your work in one place – accurately and fast.

Zahra Jalali will work with Appara.

Discover My Franchise is a Vancouver-based technology startup that is developing sales nurturing tools for the franchising industry.

Binoodha Kunnath will work with Discover My Franchise.

GameJobs.Ninja is a new one-stop platform for hiring game industry talent. From building the job description to various steps of assessing and managing applicants, the platform makes it hassle-free for employers. It is also a new avenue for job seekers eager to make connections in the games industry.

Bea Ilagan will work with GameJobs.Ninja.

Kai Analytics and Survey Research is a Vancouver-based market research firm that helps organizations understand their customers’ opinions and experiences. We use natural language processing technologies to quickly summarize thousands of open-ended responses into actionable insights. Kai Analytics developed Unigrams,  a qualitative data analysis platform designed specifically to help higher education administrators quickly understand the demands of their students, the concerns of their faculty, and the climate of their campus.

Amber Ko will work with Kai Analytics and Survey Research team on Unigrams.

KIT Research is a business intelligence platform that transforms your consumer and survey data into interactive stakeholder reports. We help market researchers, brand insights teams, and marketing departments across all industries understand their customers’ preferences, values and expectations. Quicker.  

Colby May will work with KIT Research.

Machinery Analytics believes that skilled professionals should always have the best tools for the job. That’s why they are developing a cloud based, deep learning software platform which can easily distinguish changes in a machinery’s actual performance from changes in the environment or operating conditions.

Kimia Gholami will work with Machinery Analytics.

Nava Ventures is a fintech start-up based in Vancouver, Canada. At Nava, our mission is to empower our customers to live their best financial life. We partner with Credit Unions to improve financial literacy for families. We combine transaction analytics and gamification to help improve the financial health of credit union members.

Joshua Louie will work with Nava Ventures.

Smart Athlete Manager (SAM) connects Athletes, Agents, Teams and Brands from around the globe.

Alex Livsey will work with SAM.

TalentMarketplace is a curated talent pool of project professionals (project managers, coordinators, and business analysts) available for hire.  TalentMarketplace utilizes machine learning algorithms to automatically generate matches between candidates and employers. This direct, transparent hiring process increases the speed to hire and decreases costs.

Fyonna Laddaran will work with TalentMarketplace.

Vivo Team believes great leadership and strong teams aren’t born through one-off training sessions. Real change takes time. We build relationships with our clients while developing their most precious resource — their people. We use a high-touch, high-tech approach that pinpoints areas for improvement, then we cultivate teams and leaders through virtual instructor-led training.

Diane Shin will work with Vivo Team.

This project is supported by Digital Technology Supercluster for the duration of 2020 – 2022. Funding for student salaries is provided by Innovate BC.