Shumka x Circular Food Innovation Lab

Shumka x Circular Food Innovation Lab is partnership with the City of Vancouver, Solutions Lab, Vancouver Economic Commission and Vancouverbased food sector clients to develop and prototype promising solutions along the food supply chain to increase circularity and reduce wasted and lost food.

The design team will include complementary and diverse skill sets and experience, including service design, interaction design, graphic design, UX, humancentered design, action research, and both qualitative and quantitative research skills. This research is funded by the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance and MITACS.

Program Objectives

  • Codevelop design process, tools and techniques: Design team will draw on the design process, action research and systems thinking for problem framing, ideation, prioritization, prototyping and iteration, and evaluation for continuous learning
  • Infield learning, codesign, and rapid prototyping: Designers meet with food sector clients onsite and virtually to observe and understand challenges and engage in rapid prototyping of potential interventions.
  • Colead generative and evaluative gatherings: A series of gatherings are planned, where designers, Vancouver Economic Commission and City of Vancouver staff, and food sector clients will meet to identify challenges, share prototype concepts and reflect on the process.

About Circular Food Innovation Lab

The Circular Food Innovation Lab is a project of the City of Vancouver, the Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC), and Vancouver-based businesses and organizations working in the food system.

The Circular Food Innovation Lab team includes Erin Nichols, Senior Manager – Zero Waste, City of Vancouver; Lindsay Cole, Solutions Lab Manager, City of Vancouver; Lily Raphael, Planner and Solutions Lab Designer- Zero Waste, City of Vancouver; Meg O’Shea, Senior Manager – Economic Transformation, and Mariya Chugay, Economic Transformation Coordinator, Vancouver Economic Commission; Laura Kozak (Faculty), Christa Clay (Phase 1), Marcia Higuchi (Phase 1), , Hunter Milroy, Yejin Eun, Sheyda Rashidi, and Garima Sood and Soumya, Design Team Shumka Centre, Emily Carr.

The Circular Food Innovation Lab is funded  by the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance with support for the design team from Mitacs.