Design for Startups

Spring 2023

Over the course of 12 weeks, nine student designers will work directly with the technical and business leads of nine companies to explore and develop a new methodology for connecting design to Internet startups as part of Design for Startups.

Student designers will consider existing design gaps, perform user interface/usability studies, and develop design strategies for the companies in residence.

Spring 2023 company-student partnerships are:


AdvisorFlow streamlines client data gathering for financial advisors using our cloud based discovery tool. Our API rich platform reduces administration so advisors can focus on advice.

Jingyi Liu will work with AdvisorFlow.


Castofly Technologies Inc. is a software platform to help teams create and collaborate on videos (similar to Google Docs but for Videos).

Faizaan Siddiqui will work with Castofly Technologies Inc.


Crewjoy helps remote and hybrid organizations achieve greater human connection, higher value collaboration, and thriving cultures.

Siddhant Singh will work with Crewjoy.


DEITA is Canada’s DEI survey and benchmarking platform solution for gathering, visualizing and integrating diversity, equity and inclusion data. Ask the right questions, in the right way to measure real progress towards your DEI goals.

Shriya Maru will work with DEITA.


Flutter Care – Currently, we are conducting a formal study on families who experience pregnancy after miscarriage or stillbirth. Previously, we have developed a stillbirth prevention tool and scaled it to over 50 countries. From January, we would like to work with ECUAD to integrate this tool and translate our research findings into the design of a trauma-informed web platform to support bereaved families.

Toluwanimi Martins will work with Flutter Care.


Kaiterra creates air quality monitors and solutions for low carbon healthy buildings.

Yunie Joo will work with Kaiterra.

Knowbie is a SAAS product designed to provide essential alcohol training for service employees to maximize restaurant operators profits. Our apps micro learning and gamified content approach is created specifically to appeal to the young demographic of incoming employees who require essential alcohol knowledge to perform their jobs with confidence and ease.

Priyanka Poulose will work with Knowbie.


RightMetric is an on-demand digital marketing research firm serving global brands and agencies. We apply our research methodologies to large marketing intelligence data sets to produce concise, well-designed, actionable research reports to our customers; who tend to be marketing leaders at B2C brands and agencies.

Lucy Fournier will work with RightMetric.


Thrive Health – Fragmentation of data and the digital patient experience in healthcare negatively impacts service quality, operational costs, health equity, and patient outcomes. Thrive Health’s platform enables organizations to easily configure secure, digital care plans and workflows whilst integrating them into their existing enterprise software ecosystem with little to no development effort. Thrive Health provides a centralized holistic profile allowing patients to share their health story with their care team easily. Managing acute caseloads amongst 1.2 million patients, Thrive Health is accelerating the transformation to integrated delivery systems.

Peggy Lee will work with Thrive Health.


This project is generously supported by the National Research Council of Canada’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) Fall 2022 – Spring 2024.